5 Tips To Better Photography

1. Shoot Every Day

The single most important tip that anyone can offer you is to shoot every day. This will help you learn to use both your hardware and software smoothly and quickly. And, as you get more comfortable with them you’ll start to shoot better photos and develop your own style.

2. Shoot Lots Of Photos

When you pick a subject to shoot, remember to shoot a lot of photos of it. Try different angles:

  • Shoot for a high vantage point looking down
  • Shoot from a low vantage point looking up
  • Shoot from the left
  • Shoot from the right
  • Try different exposure settings
  • If the object is in motion, like water, trying shoot at both high and low shutter speeds

3. Critically Cull Trough Your Shots

After your days shoot, critically view your photos. When you see bad shots, note why, and delete them. And similarly, note why your good shots are good and save them for any necessary post processing.

4. Study & Question

  • View lots of photos taken by other people from sites like 500px, Flickr, etc. Especially, shots by the real pros. Note what you like, and visualize how to make that shot yourself, with your equipment and software. NOTE: Don’t be discouraged in the beginning… like most things, practice makes perfect.
  • Read blogs and articles
  • Ask questions. If you ask here, I will be happy to respond and if it’s a question that warrants a blog post, or even a more extended document or video, I will try to provide it.

5. Have fun!!!



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