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About Me

I am an avid photographer with many years of experience from film, to DSLR, mirrorless and mobile phones. My photography has primarily been about model, portrait, landscape and nature shooting. As mobile phones started getting better and better, I became curious. Can I actually use my cell phone to get professional quality photos. In the vast majority of cases I found that I can. With a few good apps and a little practice you can produce pictures you will be proud of.A mobile phone will NOT replace a good DSLR or mirrorless camera, but remember, the camera you have with you is the best camera for the job. For most of us, it’s our mobile phone, so let’s make the most of it.


Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max with 256Gb RAM

Apple iPad Pro 12.9 with 1TB Ram

Moment Lenses:

     14mm 170 Degree Full-Frame Fisheye

     15mm 170 Degree Fisheye

     18mm Wide Angle

     10x Macro 58mm Telephoto (4x)

     Anamorphic Cinema

62mm Filters:

     Moment 62mm Filter Holder

     Hoya Pro 1 Digital 62mm UV

     Hoya 62mm Circular Polarizer

     Hoya 62mm Neutral Density (ND8)

     Zomei 62mm Star-4

     Zomei 62mm Star-6

     Zomei 62mm Star-8

37mm Filters:

     Zomei Clip-On Filter With 37mm Thread

     Zomei 37mm Circular Polarizer

     Zomei 37mm Gradient Rotating Grey

     Zomei 37mm Gradient Rotating Blue

     Zomei 37mm Gradient Rotating Red

     Zomei 37mm Gradient Rotating Orange

     Zomei 37mm 4 Point Star

     Zomei 37mm 6 Point Star

     Zomei 37mm 8 Point Star

     Neewer 37mm Neutral Density (ND2)

     Neewer 37mm Neutral Density (ND4)

     Neewer 37mm Neutral Density (ND8)


     Moment Case with Lens Mount



     DJI Osmo Mobile

     Rode VideoMicro Microphone

     HP Sprocket Portable Polaroid Printer

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